Back up your data using Microsoft OneDrive now!

OneDrive Backup

From my experience, the most valuable asset for anybody is their files and folders. In the past, I had many times where clients would reach out saying how their computer died and they can’t access their files and folders.

The worst case is when the disk is completely dead, or the computer is stolen. In that case, chances to get the laptop or recover data are very slim and could be very expensive.

If you have an Office 365 subscription (personal or business) or a free personal Microsoft account, start using the backup feature in Microsoft OneDrive now!

Your business OneDrive accounts come with 1 TB of storage, and if you have a free personal account – you get 5 GB for free. You can always upgrade to 100 GB for $1.99 per month, or even upgrade to a higher tier where you get desktop Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint…) and 1 TB of storage.

Before we start, the question is, what can we backup? We can backup files and folders that are located in Desktop, Documents, and Pictures.


Unfortunately, you can’t backup the entire C drive, or D drive, or any other drive. For now, only Desktop, Documents and Pictures.

So, how do I set up Backup using Microsoft OneDrive? Let’s see.

  1. Click on the Start> Settings> Update & Security and select Backup.
  2. Now click on Sign in to OneDrive. (if you don’t see this option, please update your Windows 10 to the latest updates or skip and go to step no. 5)
It seems like Microsoft added this option in the last update. Click on Sign in to OneDrive. If you are signed in already, go to step 5.
  1. Sign in with your Microsoft account. On the next screen, click Next. (If you don’t have Premium version, Microsoft will ask you to purchase the Office, but you can skip by clicking on Not Now)
Type in your Microsoft e-mail account.
  1. At the last step, click on Open my OneDrive folder.
  1. Now, locate the OneDrive icon in your systray and right-click on the OneDrive icon. Then click on Settings.
Right-click on the Microsoft OneDrive icon and select Settings.
  1. Then switch the tab to Backup and click on Manage backup.
Switch to the Backup tab and click on Manage backup
  1. In Manage backup, select what you want to backup. I like to select all three Desktop, Documents, and Pictures. Click on Start backup.
It is up to you – you can select one or two or all three options. I like to backup all of them (Desktop, Documents, and Pictures)

That is it. Your files are now being backed up and protected.

Bonus tip:

You can access your files and folders from other locations using your web browser or the OneDrive app on your mobile phone.

If you need help setting up your backup with Microsoft OneDrive or need a more robust backup solution, please reach out.

Official Microsoft documentation on how. to set this up – please check it out here.

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