Evaluation Center is unavailable. Where do I download ISOs now?

Download Windows iso

In case you were trying to download evaluation copies of Windows 10, 11, or Server, the Microsoft Evaluation Center is currently unavailable. According to Microsoft, this will only last for a short period of time. I have no reason to doubt that, but where can I download evaluation copies of Windows 10, 11, and the server?  

Well, there’s a way around this. Below are download links. These are all coming from Microsoft servers.

The intention of this post is to help someone. I tried to download the image and could not find it.

Windows client 90-day evaluations

Windows 11 EnterpriseWindows 10 EnterpriseWindows 10 Enterprise LTSC
de-de: x64de-de: x64 | x86de-de: x64 | x86
en-gb: x64en-gb: x64 | x86en-gb: x64 | x86
en-us: x64en-us: x64 | x86en-us: x64 | x86
es-es: x64es-es: x64 | x86es-es: x64 | x86
fr-fr: x64fr-fr: x64 | x86fr-fr: x64 | x86
it-it: x64it-it: x64 | x86it-it: x64 | x86
ja-jp: x64ja-jp: x64 | x86ja-jp: x64 | x86
ko-kr: x64ko-kr: x64 | x86ko-kr: x64 | x86
pt-br: x64pt-br: x64 | x86pt-br: x64 | x86
zh-cn: x64zh-cn: x64 | x86zh-cn: x64 | x86
zh-tw: x64zh-tw: x64 | x86zh-tw: x64 | x86

Windows Server 180-day evaluations

Windows Server 2022Windows Server 2019
de-de: ISOde-de: ISO
en-us: ISOen-us: ISO
en-us: VHDen-us: VHD
en-us: LOF – ISOen-us: FOD – ISO
es-es: ISOes-es: ISO
fr-fr: ISOfr-fr: ISO
it-it: ISOit-it: ISO
ja-jp: ISOja-jp: ISO
ru-ru: ISOru-ru: ISO
zh-cn: ISOzh-cn: ISO
Windows Server on AzureWindows Server on Azure
Create a Windows Server VM in Azure 

Note: All links are coming from Microsoft servers. My intention is to help those who are searching.

You can find the rest of the links at Tech Community – here.

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