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Universal Print: What should I do after Preview?

Universal Print Microsoft

Those who have ever worked with Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop – WVD) are likely to have heard about Universal Print and even used it. Universal Print is a modern print solution that organizations can use to manage their print infrastructure through cloud services from Microsoft. It runs entirely on Microsoft Azure and…

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Learn how to upgrade Unifi controller? (Linux)

Learn how to upgrade Unifi Controller

Today I would like to show you how you can upgrade your Unifi controller firmware. This applies to Linux – Ubuntu/Debian. IMPORTANT Before anything, backup your Unifi controller. First, we have to open web browser and navigate to , click on the Unifi tab, and scroll down – under Software you should be able…

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How to fix spell check in Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams spell check

Today, I want to share my experience with the spell check feature in Microsoft Teams. In Microsoft Teams, I like to enable Spell Check. Despite its great benefits, I noticed that it does not work for me. But why? Besides the English language, my computer is also installed with a second language. As far as…

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Back up your data using Microsoft OneDrive now!

OneDrive Backup

From my experience, the most valuable asset for anybody is their files and folders. In the past, I had many times where clients would reach out saying how their computer died and they can’t access their files and folders. The worst case is when the disk is completely dead, or the computer is stolen. In…

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